How to install python3 in Ubuntu 16.04

The following guide will help you get started with installing python3 and pip3 on Ubuntu 16.04 ) .

1. First install python 3 from the “deadsnakes” repository from the Python Package Accesories ( PPA )

  • $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa
  • $ sudo apt-get update
  • $ sudo apt-get install python3.6

This will install both python 3.5.2 and python 2.7.2 on your machine. Verify the installation by running python3 — version or python — version on the linux command line.

2. Next up, install pip3 package manager that will allow you to install other useful python libraries such as numpy,seabon ,pandas etc.

  • $ sudo apt-get update
  • $ sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools
  • $ sudo easy_install3 pip

Once again, verify the installation by running pip3 — version on the command line.

3. You can now use pip3 to install non-core python libraries as follows

  • $ sudo pip3 install jupyter
  • $ sudo pip3 numpy etc.

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