How to avoid monthly domain charges on AWS Route53

I registered a domain for about $12 earlier this year on AWS Route53 only to realize later that there are monthly charges for something they call hosted zones(more about this here). Being new to the AWS platform I sought ways to avoid this monthly charge and came up with a solution outlined below.

Step 1 — Transfer domain to a free DNS service

  • You need to transfer your domain to any other domain registrar that can route your traffic for free. In my case I chose since AWS itself uses it in the background for domain registration.

Step 2 — Configure new name servers

  • Next, you need to configure your new registra’s name servers
  • This may vary among different registrars. On, you only need to opt to use Gandi live servers so that your domain now uses Gandi’s name servers instead of AWS Route-53 name servers.

Step 3 — Add DNS records

  • Once your new nameservers are configured, you can add any A or TXT DNS records to the new registras DNS tables.

Note: If you find this article hard to understand for any reason, I am happy to assist you with the setup for free. You can reach me on twitter or leave a comment below and I will revert back ASAP.

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Former Glorified Electrician(aka Electrical Engineer). Now a Software Developer working on complex Enterprise Software. Lets connect on twitter @NdamuleloNemakh

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