Debugging a project with multiple source files on Linux. For more info checkout the official vscode guide .


Make sure that you start the debugger from the main source file!!!

Simple instructions for installing the latest version of pandoc on Ubuntu

This commands were tested on Ubuntu 18.04 on WSL2. They should work the same way in other ubuntu distributions as well.

You can find the latest release from the official pandoc github repo

Net 5 is finally here! Official announcement.

Let’s test it out by writing the famous Hello word console app.

Getting started

  • Download Visual studio 16.8
  • Create a new .Net core application
  • Open your project settings file and change the target framework to .Net 5 as illustrated below:
.Net 5 Console app example
  • Add this code to Program.cs
C#9 Hello world app
  • Now go ahead and run this masterpiece!
  • You can read more about .Net 5 and C#9 here

Easy way to manage python virtual environments.


  • Python 3.x or Python 2.7.x
  • pip (Python package installer)

1. Installation

  • Use pip to install pipenv

2. Create a new pipenv project

  • There are multiple ways to create projects using pipenv. Examples:

3. Manage project dependencies

  • The project dependencies are stored inside the Pipfile
  • Example:
  • It’s also possible to install dependencies that will be used in the development environment only.
  • Example:
Example Pipfile


Useful commands you will need when using vagrant

Before we begin: Make sure vagrant is installed in your machine and added to the path. To verify, run vagrant -v and make sure you get a version number of the vagrant version installed on your machine.

Reference: Vagrant Official Docs

TOP 10

  1. vagrant init
  • Initialize a new vagrant environment by creating…

WPF DataGrid Control — Provides flexible a way to display collection of data in rows and columns

  • In simple terms a DataGrid is a customizable grid used to display data collections
  • The DataGrid control also provides some useful built in functionalities for data display, i.e.

# Sorting # Grouping #…

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